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About's Models features a wide variety of models. Although many born and bred Australians, there are many from other parts of the world, including New Zealand, the UK, and other parts of Europe. As the shoots are always conducted in Australia (mostly Melbourne, Sydney, or Canberra) any non-Australian models have to at least be located in Melbounre for the shoot.

Many of the models are backpackers or tourists, but many are local students, mothers, or young working women. Some models also work fulltime for in the back office.

Most models are aged between 18 and 25, although some are aged in their late 20's. Some models use "stage names", but some do use their real names. The FAQ states that they have shot some models whose real name is Abby, but have requested that the model choose a stage name, so as to avoid any confusion with the site's namesake. (Abby Winters herself has never appeared as a model on the site).

Wiki Articles for Models

This is an ever growing list of wiki pages for some of the models. In alphabetical order...

This article is a PRIORITY FOR IMPROVEMENT and NEEDS YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! Please discuss major changes on the Discussion tab. And remember to consult our Contribution Guidelines before editing.

To add a new Model Article:

  1. Type the Model's Name in to the Search box on the left hand sidebar. Click Go. (Please Note: It is important you enter the model's name exactly as it appears at - note some models have their second initials in their name, some do not).
  2. If there is not an existing page for the model, the message "There is no page titled modelname. You can create this page." will appear. Click the red "create this page" link.
  3. From the 'Select Boilerplate' drop box, select 'Model' and click Load.
  4. Start writing about the model! And remember to source your data correctly - See the Contribution Guidelines
  5. Then save the page. Your new model page will appear automatically in the list above.

Other suggested topics for inclusion in this page include model recruitment and payment.

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